AAP to launch ‘Mei Bhi Kejriwal’ signature campaign on Friday

AAP to launch ‘Mei Bhi Kejriwal’ signature campaign on Friday. — IANS

New Delhi, Nov 30 (IANS) The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday said that it will launch a signature campaign to get the public opinion — if Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is arrested — should he run the government from jail or resign.

During a joint press conference, AAP minister Gopal Rai and Rajya Sabha MP Raghav Chadha said that the decision on whether Arvind Kejriwal should resign or continue governing from behind bars lies with the people of Delhi.

“The BJP has been continuously losing assembly elections in Delhi. Despite ruling the MCD for 15 consecutive years, the people of Delhi, prioritising Arvind Kejriwal’s work, uprooted the BJP from power.

“The way the AAP government under Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership is working in Delhi has made BJP’s top leaders and PM Modi believe that at any cost, the BJP cannot form its government in Delhi,” said Rai.

He said that the BJP feels that if they are unable to form the government in Delhi then Kejriwal should be ‘eliminated’ and the rapidly advancing caravan of the AAP should be halted.

“The BJP has started a conspiracy to eliminate Arvind Kejriwal. Under this conspiracy, PM Modi has initiated a series of false cases, imprisoning each leader of the AAP. Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh, and Satyendar Jain have been put behind bars. Despite all these arrests, the BJP feels that they cannot damage the AAP in Delhi,” said Rai.

The AAP Delhi State Convenor, Rai, further added that from December 1 to 20, the AAP has decided to run the ‘Mei Bhi Kejriwal’ signature campaign within 2600 polling stations in Delhi.

“All our ministers, legislators, councilors, and party’s office bearers will be involved in the signature campaign. Additionally, teams are being formed at the district level. These teams will visit households and engage in discussions with the people,” said Rai.

He said that the party has prepared a pamphlet which will be distributed door-to-door.

“Party workers will discuss the contents of the pamphlet with the people, addressing questions such as: What about the alleged liquor scam fake? Why does Modi want to arrest Arvind Kejriwal? Can Modi compete with Arvind Kejriwal’s work or not? Is Modi against corruption? Finally, people will be asked whether Arvind Kejriwal should resign if arrested or not,” said Rai.

He said that during the second phase of the campaign, a public dialogue will be initiated across Delhi from December 21.

“From December 21 to 24, public dialogues will be organised in all wards of Delhi. Our MLAs and councillors will be part of this public dialogue. Public opinion will also be sought in this dialogue on whether Arvind Kejriwal should resign if arrested or not,” said Rai.

Chadha said that the BJP sees Arvind Kejriwal as its only challenge throughout the country.

“All the party workers and leaders appealed to Arvind Kejriwal that even if the BJP puts you in jail, do not resign and run the government from jail. BJP only wants Arvind Kejriwal to resign so that the Delhi government gets paralysed,” said Chadha.

He said that the AAP doesn’t make any decision without asking the public and this is the reason why the AAP will start the signature campaign.

“By going door-to-door, we will take opinion from the people that if the BJP arrests Arvind Kejriwal, should he resign or should he run the government from the jail? Peoples verdict will be presented to everyone,” Chadha added.

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