AAP guarantees corruption-free govt if voted to power in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, Sep 13 (IANS) AAP founder and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday promised a corruption free government if his party is voted to power in Gujarat.
Addressing mediapersons here, the AAP chief said, “Anyone in the government indulging in corrupt practices, be it of AAP or other parties, will be sent to jail.
Kejriwal cited a move of the AAP-led Punjab government when it sacked a minister for corrupt practices.
He even assured that public funds will be cent per cent used for public development, it will neither be distributed to corporate friends, nor allowed to make way to tax havens.
Kejriwal alleged that in the BJP ruled-states, citizens have to pay bribes for getting their work done in government departments.
When asked about Congress leader Ajoy Kumar’s remark that Punjab government is wasting money on advertisements when it does not have funds to pay salaries of college professors, Kejriwal said, “Congress is finished, stop taking Congress party’s question.”
On BJP’s claims that Narmada Bachao Andolan leader and activist Medha Patkar will be projected as AAP’s Chief Minister candidate in Gujarat Assembly polls, Kejriwal said: Saying that AAP is fielding Medha Patkar as chief ministerial candidate in Gujarat is just like saying that BJP is going to project Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s successor.”

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