A Trinamool perspective on recurring political violence in Bengal

New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) Under attack for the Birbhum violence, the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal has called it a conspiracy to defame the law and order situation in the state. Trinamool MP Dola Sen, in an exclusive conversation with IANS, said, “Under Mamata Banerjee, the law and order situation in the state is at its best. Mamata di is such a leader who does not compromise on law and order. And we do not need advice from the BJP and the CPI(M).”
Excerpts from the interview follow:
Q. BJP is making serious allegations against the Trinamool Congress leaders in Birbhum case, claiming that the party leaders have no regrets over the tragic incident. What’s your take on that?
A. The way Roopa Ganguly cried in the Lok Sabha while referring to the Birbhum violence is nothing but acting. The state government has taken all the steps that should have been taken. Unlike the BJP leaders, we are not indulging in politics of violence, expressing false sorrow, shedding crocodile tears and acting.
No matter how much tears Roopa ji sheds, it has become clear in the investigation that the state government has done no politics over the issue. Now, as her (Roopa Ganguly’s) Rajya Sabha term is nearing completion, she is trying to impress the BJP leadership with her ‘acting’ skills.
Q. It is also being said that the ‘goonda raj’ is now dominating in the state, how do you see these allegations?
A. The governor is working against the constitutional system. At present, the state government has informed the Union Home Minister about the swift steps taken by the West Bengal government regarding the Birbhum violence. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee handled the law and order very well, but just due to a few incidents, it is wrong to question the entire administration and the government. Law and order in Bengal is at its best under Mamata Banerjee.
Q. Citing the Birbhum violence, the BJP and the Congress have sought President’s rule in the state. They say there are mass murders taking place, people are fleeing and the state is no longer fit to live?
A. We do not need to tell anyone what happened in Gujarat. Genocide happened in Godhra. I myself had visited Godhra and taken stock of the situation there. Has the BJP government ever taken any action in states where it is in power? There is no need for the Trinanool Congress to take advice from the BJP. Everyone knows the kind of incidents that happened in Uttar Pradesh. The farmers were crushed to death while protesting against the agricultural laws. Incidents of violence against children were also reported in Uttar Pradesh, what action was taken in these matters? Trinamool leaders also went there and met the victims’ families. We also know how the CPI(M) carried out massacres in the state. However, what happened in Birbhum’s Rampurhat is wrong. This should not have happened.
Q. What are the demands you will raise during the ongoing second phase of the budget session of the Parliament?
A. Last time, I raised the issue of fuel prices. In next few days, I am going to raise the issue of labourers and unemployment in the Rajya Sabha. I have got about 12 minutes to speak. There are many problems related to unemployment and labourers, which the Central government should have taken care of, but only caste and religion politics is happening in the country. The Centre has no focus on development works.

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