‘A to Z corona Pathsala’ — where even PM got lesson

New Delhi, April 15 (IANS)
“Do attend this class of our young Corona Warriors of CRPF soldiers”, was an appeal Prime Minister Narendra Modi made after he attended the new form of A-Z lessons from an anti-COVID-19 ‘Pathsala’ (class) being run by the children of the paramilitary force.
The ‘Pathsala’ concept clicked in the mind of a mother of a four-year-old Aadiv and two-year-old Anaya when she was teaching them English alphabets.
Ashwariya, the mother and the wife of an Assistant Commandant in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), who is deployed in Kashmir, then shared the thought with others and it turned into reality on April 11 with the help of the children of other CRPF personnel of class three to 12.
“The genesis of the anti-COVID Paathshala is the young mother teaching her child the rules to be followed to prevent COVID-19. She then tried to teach ABC to her children and the idea was born,” CRPF DIG (Jammu and Kashmir Zone) Nitu told IANS.
“The thought is floated to the older children who then make an interesting way to remember the basis. The CRPF family bonds together.”
The officer specifically mentioned that it was a joint effort of several children of the CRPF personnel.
Not only the Prime Minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) also suggested to join the ‘Pathsala’, tweeting: “Let’s learn about COVID-19 from the “Anti-Covid Pathshala”. Let’s keep ourselves and others protected.”
The first-of-its-kind initiative was taken by a group of children of the CRPF personnel — a 3.5 lakh force which is mandated to provide internal security in Jammu and Kashmir, and Maoist-affected areas — that has earned applause even from the Indian Embassy in Turkey for “helping the nation to fight COVID-19”.
The online Pathsala recommends fighting the pandemic together by following the dos and don’t which keep everyone safe.
All the 26 letters in the alphabets teach a precaution necessary to contain the pandemic, which almost crippled every sector across the world causing deaths to over 1 lakh people and infectioins to more than 17 lakh.
“Anti-Covid Pathshala by children of CRPF personnel: A-Z of dos & don’ts to keep yourself safe from COVID-19. Let’s fight corona together. For any assistance 24×7 call CRPF Madadgaar on 14411,” the CRPF said.
So, it has: avoide gathering, be alert, conquor covid, distance of three feet, exercise daily, fake news alert, greet with namaste, handwash regularly, increase immunity, joint activity at home, keep busy, learn new things, masks are important, no to going out, online contact, practise your passion, quarantine, relax, sanitaize everything, take care of your elders, untilize time, volunteer work at home, wear a mask — and x expresses extra precaution, y yoga and z zero face.
So far, the ‘Pathsala’ on social networking site YouTube has attracted over 1,326 viewers, and over 8,000 retweets on Twitter.
CRPF Director General A.P. Maheshwari calls it an adorable initiative taken by the children of the CRPF personnel, asking all to “let’s learn the A B C of the fight against corona”.

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