A 'short' cut to looking fashionable

By Sudha Hegde
Every woman wants to look fashionable. But not everyone succeeds in doing so, especially when it comes to Western short dresses.

A trivial mistake in choosing the right dress can spoil your look in a major way. So, designer Umesh Joshi offers a few suggestions on how to strike the right statement with short dresses.

A Western short dress can be worn for formal occasions like a banquet, opera or gala. It covers a wide segment of clothing and can be of various types like cocktail dress, evening dress or a prom dress. The key factor lies in selecting the right design for the right occasion. “Short dresses are fun. They are a sure way of standing out during occasions like parties, weddings and meetings. They are easy to match. You can stay simple or play up your short dresses with sparkling accessories,” says Umesh.

According to him, one should always remember some basic points while going for these short dresses. “Never wear something that you don’t like even if others say you look good in it. Wear short clothes which go well with your figure and complexion. Don’t put on too much of accessories. And don’t always impersonate a celebrity. Instead, try and create a signature look of your own,” suggests Umesh.

Though these swanky dresses are available in an extensive range of colors, it is important to blend the color with the season. “Gold, green, black and pink are the colors of the season. Along with the colors, the size of the garment also matters a lot. It is preferable to not wear clothing that is too big in size. Wear the garment that suits your body type.”

As accessories embellish any outfit, a Western short dress can be highlighted very well by wearing trendy accessories. But Umesh says a strict “no” to big earrings that dangles on shoulders. Instead, he advises a neckpiece with a matching bracelet. “When you wear a short dress, embellishing your neck, wrists and shoulders should become a priority. One can toss a shawl around shoulders which goes with the outfit in terms of colors and texture. Carrying an evening purse or a beaded bag large enough to hold business cards, keys and cosmetic items will give an extra edge,” reveals Umesh.

So, who can wear short dresses? A short dress is one of the most important purchases a woman makes in her life. In the past, they used to be designed keeping the slender figure in mind. But today, designers are highly aware of the growing market for short dresses among plus-sized women. So regardless of the size, any woman can wear them,” he says. “Chiffon is a light-flowing fabric that is perfect for any body type. Similarly, organza, silk, satin, tulle and velvet are the most suitable fabrics to select from.”

And finally, Umesh has some tips for make-up and hairstyling. “Don’t just apply foundation on your face; put it on your neck as well to keep the shades of your face and neck even. Don’t tie a pony tail with scrunchy rubber bands. Instead, go for soft curls. And use clean eye make-up.”

Shailaja, a B.Sc. student, says she wears short dresses for special occasions like parties. She likes to experiment with different colors and patterns and buy them at malls. “Most of the time, I wear short dresses alone and sometimes, I use stockings. When it comes to a short tube dress, my favorite color is red. We can even wear short dresses with leggings and jeans. I carry matching clutches and wear a bracelet of light color. As far as shoes are concerned, I prefer heels and fancy ones,” she says.

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