A resounding festival of art and literature: Vishwarang 2022

New Delhi, Nov 24 (IANSlife)
“Art and culture play an extremely significant role in the development of any country,” says Santosh Choubey, Director of Vishwarang – Tagore International Art and Literature Festival. The recently concluded Vishwarang festival, celebrated India’s distinctive literature, cinema, music, painting, and more.
Appreciating the heritage of arts and culture and providing a global stage for fresh and upcoming talent. The three-day event took place from November 18 to 20 and saw Ashneer Grover from Shark Tank, actors Manoj Pahwa and Rasika Duggal, film director Vishal Bhardwaj and singer Paponin attendance.
While applauding the Festival, Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel said, “Such festivals allow the future young generation to get the basic knowledge traditional of art, culture, and literature. It helps in building a prosperous India. It is a unique confluence of languages, arts, and culture that will inspire youth to work for family, society, and country.”
Ashneer Grover, who believes India’s time has begun and prefers to communicate in the colloquial langauge said, “People find English speakers more educated. I think perhaps we have given too much value to the foreign language. Where we would need 20 minutes to explain a thing in English, Hindi can do it in two minutes. India’s time has begun now. I have adopted Hindi in my life. I have also worked in MNC, so I can tell English when its put on and sounds like drama.”
Meanwhile, the most sought-after singer and composer, Papon, gave an exciting performance starting with Rabindranath Tagore’s beautiful song ‘Ekla Chalo Re’. ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhage,’ ‘Kaun Mera,’ ‘Prem’s Theme’, ‘Tu Jo Mila’, and more. Soothing compositions were part of his compelling concert and the audience certainly couldn’t get enough of the star singer.
The event also saw writers, artists, and poets leaving Bhopal in the trace, poet Rahman Musavvir reciting his work expressed, “Kabhi Bahar Nahi Aati Humesha Parde Me Rehti Hai, Humari Beti Bulbul Hai Humesha Pinjare Me Rehti Hai…” Om Nischal also read his compositions, “Mujhme Nadaniya Bachi Hai Abhi, Kuch Kilkariyan Bachi Hai Abhi, Phul Homge Tumhare Bangle Me, Mujhme Kiyariyan Bachi Hai Abhi…”
“I quite enjoy visiting such events as you get to meet and engage with students which gives you an idea of what and how our young thinks,” said actor Manoj Pahwa, who has built his reputation in the entertainment sector.
Actress Rasika Duggal also interacts with cine lovers of Bhopal on the subject ‘New Platforms for New Stories’ the actress said, “Makers were making short films even earlier. But they were not getting distributed. Today we have so many OTT platforms. Within a day or two, we get a million views on YouTube. Now it has become easy for films to reach the audience.”
Adding on to ‘Emerging New Cinema of India’, film director Vishal Bhardwaj said, “When a new thing or technology comes, it has many advantages and disadvantages. I have always seen the good in OTT platforms. Changes have happened in every era. At one point, Mumbai witnessed massive recordings where more than 50 musicians sat together. But after some time, there was a change in the music industry, and new musicians emerged. Today our music has got international recognition. The arrival of OTT is a good thing. There is a time constraint in the film. OTT is directly related to commerce and the economy. We can get good content on less budget. Today filmmakers are shooting in small towns. There is no censorship on it.”
Successfully concluding the 4th edition, the Vishwarang festival has emerged as a platform from Central India that is now gaining fame in 50 other countries like Germany, the US, the UK, UAE, Ireland, China, Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands.

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