A known distinction


By Nisha Bhatt

Atlanta, GA: The information given by Niranjan Shah in his column — Indian Americans are third largest Asian group in US — published in India Tribune issue dated January 7 has already been published widely. The same information is also posted on the Census Bureau’s Web site and published in-depth by a magazine some months ago.

While Niranjan Shah boasts about the positive aspects of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), he fails to mention that there are half a million illegal immigrants from the Indian subcontinents, the same number as the members of powerful AAPI organization. Many of these aliens work here as nannies, babysitters and clerks in Indian-owned gas stations and convenient stores, which created an “underground” economy just like in India.

Also, the politicians turn their blind eye towards illegal immigrants because the rich NRI community contributes a lot of money towards their campaign war-chests.

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