A great time to experiment with the sari

New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) Tired of binging on Netflix, playing chef and cleaning of your home?
Let the fashionista free, dig into your wardrobe to find old sarees and experiment with drapes. It’s a great source of entertainment and all it takes is a mirror and your closet.
Create different looks for different occasions you plan for once the lockdown is lifted.
“The Sari is an integral part of Indian fashion and over the years, there has been a huge evolution in the way it is styled. Give your favourite sari a twist by wearing it in an unconventional or with a different drape than your good old staple” says a fashion expert at Julahaa Sarees.

Ruffle It Up

A layer of ruffles on an old saree gives it a whole new look. The ruffles add a romantic touch making it a great option for a date.

Belt it in

Wear a statement of your choice to accentuate the waist. Not only will this define your silhouette but also makes the traditional weave modern! Wear it while you hang out with gang of girls or for formal occasions.

Do away with Basics

Gone are the days when simple blouses were paired with saris. Team the six yards with white shirt or a bralet and throw on a blazer to keep things different.

Ditch The Heels

We all know how uncomfortable heels can get and have been through the pain! So why not switch it up for a pair of sneakers to get that athleisure look

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