A drunkman in Air India’s business class urinates on woman co-passenger

New Delhi: In a disturbing incident, a drunk man reportedly urinated on an elderly woman in a business class aisle seat of an Air India flight traveling from New York to Delhi on November 26. After landing, he walked off scot-free as the crew didn’t try to stop him despite being fully aware of the situation, according to a report on January 4, 2023.
Air India ordered an investigation into the matter only after the woman reportedly sent a letter to N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons, which owns Air India. The aggrieved septuagenarian wrote that the crew didn’t manage the situation proactively, which was traumatic for her. No efforts were made to ensure her safety and comfort, she alleged in the letter.
According to the report, the accused, completely drunk, walked up to the woman sitting beside the aisle. He unzipped his pants, urinated on her, and continued flashing his private parts to her. The elderly woman’s clothes, shoes, bag, and seat were completely soaked in urine, the report said.
She immediately informed the cabin crew about the incident, which a stewardess verified, and sprayed disinfectant on the woman’s bag and shoes. The crew then gave her pajamas and disposable slippers to change into.
She didn’t want to return to the urinated seat and stood near the toilet for about 20 minutes. Following this, she was given a narrow crew seat where she sat for an hour before being asked to return to her seat, on which the crew had put sheets.
Even though several seats were vacant in the first class, the crew didn’t prioritize her, the report said.

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