A desi song on coronavirus gets Rajasthani twist

New Delhi, April 8 (IANS) Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Indo-Western fusion band Swaraag has come out with a song titled “Ja ja re Corona Virus”, which has a Rajasthani folk touch to it.
The video of the song has been shot at home. In the video, singer is Asif Khan, Seif Ali Khan is working flawlessly on the tabla, Idris Khan shows expertise in guitar. Zishan supports it with vocals.
“The current situation that we are in bothers me and I wanted to share my feelings with everyone, this is the main motive of the song. It is a difficult situation for everyone to be in lockdown, so this song is a message for everyone to be involved creatively to beat the boredom and keep one’s mind busy. The song signifies my plea to the virus to leave our beloved country,” said Asif.
To this, Pratap Singh Nirwan, the founder and team coach, added: “We had back to back shows, sleepless nights, long working hours between shooting, recording, performing live. In this hustle, suddenly an unnatural circumstance occurs which is COVID 19. And everything comes to a halt. Everything changed over the past few weeks, with artists and promoters having to cancel more than 50,000 (globally) shows due to the pandemic. And there is no telling when it will be deemed safe again to gather in large numbers. As governments ask people across the world to stay home, we all understand it is very necessary to cope up with the current situation.”
Nirwan continued: “To be honest, initially, we were unable to cope up with this, but on the other side, we also find it as a vital part of our life now. And the reason being that we were able to spend some quality time with family, practice music from our father, he’s our Guru as well. A growing number of artists have responded to their newfound confinement by streaming live on the Internet. So yes, we engage with our audience, by performing live. Practice music and do recreational tasks and hobbies.”

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