93 percent Indian employees ready to work abroad


Mumbai: A whopping 93 percent Indians are willing to work overseas over the next decade against a global average of just 50 percent, a report has revealed.
According to a report by consulting firm Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, “93 percent Indians belonging to a demographic group called millennial are ready to work outside their home country during their career.”
India is followed by South Africa and Turkey where around 92 percent and 90 percent people, respectively, wanted to work abroad.
While the Netherlands has the least (about 62 percent) number of people who want to work outside their native country.
“Global mobility is an obvious solution, especially for trans-national companies, cost and regulatory pressures as well as the need for new skills in the post-recession era will pose challenges to HR.
“Innovative and cost-effective solutions and training in cross-cultural sensitivity and behaviors will be the key to success,” People and Change practice of Pricewaterhouse-Coopers India leader Sankar Ramamurthy said.
Interestingly, about 70 percent people globally, expect to use non-native languages in their careers and 94 percent believe they would work across geographic borders more than their parents did.
The report also revealed a trend in which international assignees from India and China are returning home to exploit emerging opportunities with their new-found skills in their countries of origin.
The PwC report is based on the trend data regarding international assignments for 900 companies, population data and the opinions of  both CEOs and workers around the globe.

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