88% Indians taking precaution to combat Covid-19: Survey

New Delhi, March 23 (IANS) With the number of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases reaching 424 in India, 88 per cent of the people across the country are taking precautionary measures to save themselves from the pandemic, a survey report claimed on Monday.
This was revealed by the findings of the IANS C-VOTER Gallup International Association Corona Tracker 1, which was conducted in 22 countries around the world, interviewing more than 22,000 people in an exclusive first global poll on Covid-19.
In each country, a representative sample of men and women was interviewed over the last two weeks either face to face, via telephone or online.
According to the poll, as much as 88 per cent of Indians have adopted to protect themselves from Covid-19 as a precautionary step, while 12 per cent people are still not taking any precautionary step to stop its spread.
The survey also claimed that 86 per cent of the respondents globally are taking precautions to stop the spread.
The survey also claimed that people in Italy were taking no chances to save themselves from Covid-19. Italy has been the worst hit country by Covid-19 as more than 6,000 deaths has been reported in the country. Palestine and the Philippines were the other countries, where the 100 per cent of its people were taking precautions from Covid-19.
In the survey, Pakistan scored the least as only 57 per cent of its population took the precautions.

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