8 donkeys, ‘jailed’ for destroying plants in UP’s Jalaun district, walk free

Lucknow: Eight donkeys, detained by Orai jail authorities for damaging plants and causing injury to children near prison premises, were released to their owners in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun district on November 27.
Authorities said the donkeys grazed on plants worth more than Rs two lakh in over a month and also injured several children playing near the colony meant for jail staff.
They were released after their owners, along with local BJP leaders, showed up at the jail and promised not to let the equines roam free.
“The animals not only ate plants, they ruined the entire garden and injured the children of the colony,” said jail superintendent Sitaram Sharma.
“We called the owners several times, and each time, they said the animals didn’t belong to them. So we detained the animals on November 24,” he said.
Jail authorities said justified the detention, given the threat the animals posed to children and the plants.
“We made all the arrangements for them inside. They were fed two times a day,” said a jail official.

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