70 million-year-old dinosaur egg fossils discovered in China

70 million-year-old dinosaur egg fossils discovered in China

dinosaur egg fossils

Beijing: Scientists have unearthed five ancient dinosaur egg fossils in China dating back to 70 million years. The round-shaped eggs belonged to plant-eating phytophagous dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous period, researchers said. The shells, discovered near Foshan in the southeast part China, were found at a depth of about eight meters, preserved in red sandstone, researchers said. "We found five eggs: three were destroyed, but they are still visible," said Qiu Licheng from Guangdong's Archaeological Institute in China. "The other two have their imprints on the stone. The eggs were round in shape, belonging to phytophagous dinosaurs," Licheng was quoted as saying by 'Sky news'. There have been similar finds in the Foshan region, which has gained a reputation in the scientific community for revealing valuable information from the Cretaceous period. The fossils are now being studied at a local museum, researcher said.

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