70 CEOs ask G7 leaders to support net-zero commitments

Geneva, June 10 (IANS) Over 70 CEOs on Thursday said they stand ready to work with leaders around the world to reduce emissions.
Members of the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders signed an open letter championing public-private cooperation ahead of the G7 summit in order to supercharge net-zero commitments, polices and actions.
The signatories are looking for governments to accelerate the transition to net-zero before COP26 in order to accelerate even more action from the private sector. The letter emphasises public-private collaboration as vital and welcomes transformative policy change.
“It is an important and significant move for this many CEOs to put their names forward for deeper collective collaboration,” World Economic Forum Managing Director Dominic Waughray said.
“It sends a clear signal to policy-makers that many global business leaders are ready to make the transition to a net-zero future. As we move towards COP26, public-private collaboration will be key to unlocking investment, setting more ambitious targets to reduce emissions, and turning this ambition into action.”
The Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders is the only CEO-led community open to all companies worldwide that want to make clear commitments and work to transition to net-zero.
Members believe the private sector has a responsibility to actively engage in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to help lead the global transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy.
The World Economic Forum hosts the alliance.

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