68% give approval rating to AAP govt’s performance: Local Circles

New Delhi, Jan 17 (IANS) More than two thirds of Delhi citizens have given their approval rating to the five-year performance of the Aam Aadmi Party government led by Arvind Kejriwal.
As per a survey by LocalCircles, 49 per cent of Delhi citizens gave thumbs up to the five-year performance of Delhi government. Another 19 per cent termed AAP’s five-year performance as average, which takes the approval rate to 68 per cent. Only 30 per cent rated the performance as poor or worse.
LocalCircles conducted a large survey, in which it asked Delhiites about the performance of the AAP government in the past five years. The 11-poll survey received more than 1,10,000 responses from citizens living in various parts of Delhi.
Overall, considering all areas like water, power, health, anti-corruption, ease of doing business, air quality, public transportation etc., 21 per cent rated the performance of the Delhi government as excellent, 12 per cent as very good, 16 per cent as good, 19 per cent as average, 18 per cent as poor and 12 per cent as very poor, the survey said.
When compared to last year, people saying Delhi government exceeded their expectations saw a meteoric rise from 6 per cent to 49 per cent this year, while people calling the performance below expectations reduced from 63 per cent last year to 30 per cent this year.
Overall, 68 per cent citizens this year have been ‘okay’ or ‘happy’ with the works done by the Delhi government, LocalCircles said.
The first question asked the residents of Delhi about the improvements in water supply in the city. The residents were asked to rate the same on the basis of improvement in availability, billing accuracy and quality. As many as 33 per cent citizens said there has been a significant improvement in the last five years, while 23 per cent said there has been a little improvement. A total of 18 per cent said there has been no improvement in water supply, while 26 per cent said it has become worse.
In the poll, 43 per cent Delhiites said that there has been a significant improvement in healthcare services in the last five years, 23 per cent said there has been some improvement while 21 per cent said there has been no improvement. A total of 13 per cent said the situation has become worse. People voted considering some key parameters such as availability, affordability and quality.
The Delhi government had allocated 14 per cent of its 2019-20 budget to the healthcare sector, compared to the 5 per cent average of other states. Hospitals have been upgraded and other initiatives like Mohalla Clinics and the government bearing the expenses of emergency accident victims when taken to private hospitals etc. have been appreciated by the residents.
The comparison with last year shows that the percentage of people voting for significant improvement has increased from 27 per cent to 43 per cent.

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