62% people across India support CAA: Survey

New Delhi, Dec 23 (IANS) About 62 per cent of the citizens of the country are in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act, while about 68 per cent citizens in Assam are against the Act, according to a IANS-CVoter snap poll released on Saturday.
The snap poll was carried out on over 3,000 citizens across the country between December 17 to 19 with booster sample of over 500 people each in Assam, the northeast and Muslim community collected during the same period.
The report said that 62.1 per cent of people across the country said that they were in support of the CAA while 36.8 per cent people said that they were against it.
The report also showed that in east, west, north and south India, 57.3, 64.2, 67.7 and 58.5 per cent of people favored the act, respectively, while 42.7 per cent in the east, 35.4 per cent in the west, 31.2 per cent in the north and 38.8 per cent people in the south said that they were not in support of the controversial law.
In the northeastern states, where there has been massive protests over the act in the last one week, the report highlighted that 50.6 per cent people favored the act while 47.4 per cent opposed it.
The survey pointed out that in Assam, 68.1 per cent people were against the CAA, while 31 per cent were in favor of the act.
The report also revealed that among Muslims, 63.5 per cent were against the act, 35.5 supported it and 0.9 per cent said that they don’t know or cannot comment. In the Hindus, 66.7 per cent supported the Act and 32.3 per cent opposed it.
Similarly, among other religions, about 62.7 per cent people voted in favor of the CAA and 36 per cent against it.
However, to another question if they think that under the guise of CAA, people can also settle in the country and then become a threat to society and security, 64.4 per cent across the country responded with yes while 32.6 per cent people said no.
The survey said that in east, west and north India, 69, 66, and 72.8 per cent people, respectively, thought that the people coming from other countries and settling in India can become a security threat. However, only 47.2 per cent people in south India shared this stand, while 50 per cent people said they don’t think that they those of other countries settling here will become a security threat.
In northeastern states, about 59.8 per cent of the people agreed with this apprehension while 35.7 people differed. Meanwhile, in Assam, 73.4 per cent voted that they believe foreigners settling in India could become a trouble for society and security while 21.8 per cent differed with them.
Among Hindus and Muslims, 65.3 and 67.5 per cent of people, respectively, said yes while 33 and 28.2 per cent, respectively, expressed disagreement.
To a question over if they support the stand taken by the government and the opposition parties on the CAA, over 58.6 per cent people across the country favored the government while 31.7 per cent supported the opposition parties.
Similarly, most people of east, west, north and northeast India supported the government, while over 47.2 per cent of the people in south India supported the stand taken by the Opposition parties.
In Assam, as much as 53.5 per cent people remained in favor of stand taken by the opposition parties while only 33.7 per cent favored the stand of the government.
Hindus and Muslims remained divided on supporting the government stand on CAA as 67 per cent Hindus voted in favor of the government while 71.5 per cent Muslims supported the stand taken by the opposition parties over the Act.

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