Chicago IL: Songs, skits, music and moves emitted in the upbeat soul of Christmas at the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ occasion facilitated by the United Telugu Christian Community of Chicago [UTCC] on Saturday December 8, 2018 at Croatian Cultural Center in Chicago which drew the participation of a large group of Telugu Christians meeting in celebratory intensity remembering the moving toward celebration of Christmas. This over streaming occasion with believers from s nearby Indian Telugu houses of worship supplemented by the nearness of chapel ministers and Telugu people group pioneers uplifted the night’s happy soul.
The Carols night commenced with the lighting of the approach flame lights together by Bishop J.J. Agepog, Rev. Samuel Vallabdas, Rev. VidhyaSagar, Rev. Rajamani Gonu, Rev Shadrach Katari, Rev. Peter Periera, Rev. Markus Konda, Rev. Omega Varma, Rev. Swaraj Perumala, Rev. Thomas Polepaka, Rev. Paul Gorre, Bro. Walter Benzamin Rev Shadrach Katari, Mrs. Subadra Viparthi, Mrs. G. John with the night immersed with singing, moves, music and dramatization – every introduction welcomed with grateful acclaim.
The included gospel speaker of the night Sister Divya Vani (Tollywood Actress) – approach message inspiring adulation while reviewing the awesome encounters living in the province of Andhra Pradesh. Sister Divya Vani portrayed her exceptional voyage and how her life taken her through the villages and towns of Andhra Pradesh Sister Divya Vani said ‘India is my nation and Chicago is my homeland; She deplored the expanding commercialization of Christmas which is driving industrialism than penetrating the genuine significance of Christmas. She asked the devotes to recognize and hold onto Christ as the best endowment of humankind and finished up encouraging believers to be set up to give the reason of would like to the general population and disclose to them why you are idealistic and confident.
Vijender Doma honored India Council Mr. D.B. Bhatti with Indian tradition shawl and Shethal Panchel with flowers. Raju Pasumarthi introduced Guest speaker Sister Divya Vani Honored by Joyce Doma, Rani Goneh and Sarita Pasumarthi With shawl and flowers.
The features of the flame light occasion were move introductions by Mrs Gauri (Indian Dance School) who performed all around arranged solo move exhibitions with mind blowing beauty and balance. The performance play introduction of Bible mission Church gravity as the demonstration dispersed the more profound importance of life.
The primary component of the night was the singing of the delightful tunes driven by with a large group of vocalists from all the churches and the melodic backups were given by James Mitra, Michael Konda, Joel Chettipalli, Justin Katari, Cecil Maddela, Vijay Munagala and other youth. Vocalist Shirley Kalvakota displayed a cheery tune; while Ramesh Goneh introduced a slide demonstrate exhibiting the occasions facilitated by the United Telugu Church people group of Chicago.
The program’s host advisory group UTCC coordinators Participants: Vijender Doma, Ramesh Goneh, Prem Mitra, Edward Maddela, Raju Pasumarthi, Roop Charles, Edward Jenner, Myrtle Agepog, Sunita Christina, Shirley Kalvakota, gotten acclaim for facilitating the occasion Multi Ethnic Christian Coalition:
Bro. Issac Johnson (Tamil Representative), Bro. Mark Emmanuel (Kanidga Representative), Mr. Babu Varma (Indian Christian Federation of Midwest- Gujrath), Mr. Sajji (Maliali Representative) Dr. Vijay Prabhakar (Founder President of Multi-Ethnic Task Force-Chicago) gave the special greetings at the event. Ministers from a few houses of worship who took an interest in the program included Rev. Dr. David Vidyasagar, Rev. Rajamani Gonu, Rev.Paul Gorre, and Rev. Omega Varma
The occasion finished up by Vijender Doma gave UTCC-Report-Vision and Edward Maddela gave the vote of thanks. Gave personal thanks to Alex Perumala and Emmanuel Kummari for their hard work behind the stage.
And Christmas greetings given earlier from Illinois State Senator Ram Villivalam. Later in the program Mrs. Raees Yawer (Commissioner of Streamwood Park District) also gave the Chrismas greetings. From FIA trusties Mr. Ajay Agnihotri, Mr. Ajeeth Singh, MEATF group Rani Y, Shree Goswami, and Dr. Sonty were present long after the association supper with singing by the adolescent gathering proceeding late into the night which included tunes and dances.

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