5-yr-old girl identifies flags, capitals & names of 150 nations in 4.17 mins

Jaipur, Jan 6 (IANS) Lockdowns across the world have brought many inspiring stories and one among them is the story of five-year-old Presha Khemani, who set a world record by naming 150 countries along with their capitals after identifying the flags in just four minutes and 17 seconds.
The child prodigy was recently awarded the youngest kids award in the World Records India Book.
Presha was on a Jaipur visit recently along with her parents, who are basically from Ujjain. Her father Bharat is a Chartered Accountant in Pune.
Her mother Sangeeta told IANS, “Our friends gifted a book to Presha during the lockdown looking at her intense interest in geography and in the flags of different nations.
“Presha developed a keen interest in colorful flags representing countries and continued asking me about the nations they stand for. I narrated her the country’s names and their capitals and she was quick to remember these flags with their countries and capitals.”
Bharat told IANS, “Presha, during the seven-week lockdown, learnt about 150 countries, their capitals and their flags thoroughly in a strategic manner. Each week, she took one continent, studied about the countries and the flags of this continent, revised it and so on. Eventually, in seven weeks she was thorough with the names and capitals of different countries situated in seven continents of the world,” he said.
Presha’s mother also has a keen interest in geography. “I saw my daughter inheriting the same interest and, hence I started pushing her to excel in the same domain,” she said.
Presha now aims to learn the names of currencies, languages and Prime Ministers/Presidents of different nations. “I shall soon learn about currencies, languages and leaders of the countries spread across the world,” she told IANS.

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