2 lawyers, 2 cases ‘one destiny’

Lucknow, Oct 12 (IANS)
Some call it a coincidence, others call it destiny but both of them say that it is a job for them.
Two lawyers who fought the Nirbhaya case in Delhi, now pitted against each other in the Hathras case too.
Seema Kushwaha, who had fought the Nirbhaya case for the girl’s family, is now the lawyer for the Hathras victim’s family.
“Apart from working as a lawyer, I have also been doing social service, especially for women. I learnt about this incident on September 26 and was in touch with the family after that. I had reached out to the victim on September 29, but unfortunately, she passed away before I could meet her. I have been to Hathras to meet the family and I am touch with them,” Kushwaha told IANS on Sunday.
Asked about the coincidence that she will be contesting against the same lawyer who had fought for Nirbhaya’s tormenters, Seema said, “The coincidence is that while I take up cases for victims, mostly women, he takes up cudgels for men. It is more of a gender issue.”
A.P. Singh, who has been approached by the Akhil Bhartiya Kshatriya Mahasabha to contest the case on behalf of the four accused, all of whom are Thakurs, told reporters that his job was to fight for his clients and ensure that innocent people do not go punished.
A.P. Singh, incidentally, has defended the likes of Nirbhaya’s accused and Baba Ram Rahim and will now be defending — the alleged accused in the Hathras case.
He denied that he took up controversial cases to garner publicity.
He said, “No one is an accused until proven guilty in court. I am no one to decide what is right or what is wrong. The court will take that decision, I only do my job.”
He said that the Hathras incident had been politicised beyond a point and the rape case was an afterthought.
About facing Seema Kushwaha once again in court, Singh said, “It is good that both of us will present our facts again. She is like my younger sister.”
Seema will soon appeal court that the case be heard in Delhi. “That’s what the family also wants,” she said.

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