18 people kill themselves every day in Gujarat

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat in 2016 and 2017 reported 18 suicides, three murders and three attempted murders every day. The most suicides and murders in these last two years were reported in Surat district.
In reply to questions by Congress MLAs, the state government said Surat reported 1,997 suicides, 267 murders and 218 attempted murders in the last two years. This was followed by Ahmedabad, with 1,791 suicides, 241 murders and 295 attempted murders.
According to the data released, in the last two years, Gujarat reported 12,758 cases of suicide, 2,211 murders and 2,215 attempted murders. The worst three districts were Surat, Ahmedabad and Rajkot, accounting for nearly 40% of suicides, murders and attempted murders.
In reply to a question by Rajesh Gohil, the MLA from Dhandhuka, the government stated the Ahmedabad commissionerate area had 792 suicides, 103 murders and 62 attempted murders in 2017. In 2017, the number of suicides rose to 813, while murders declined by 13 cases to 90 and attempted murders rose marginally from 62 to 65.
Rural Ahmedabad reported 186 suicides, 48 murders and 186 attempted murders in these two years.
Officials said that 1,908 of the cases reported in Ahmedabad in these two years were solved. The government reply stated that for these crimes committed in two years, 817 people were arrested and 20 people were absconding.

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