108-year-old woman wants baby

Kuala Lumpur: A 108-year-old Malaysian woman wants to fulfill her long awaited dream of having a baby. It gets stranger: she is married to a 38-year-old man, who has just returned from an 18-month stint in re-hab. But the piece de resistance: this is her 23rd marriage!

According to the the Malaysian Star reports, Wook Kundor, and her husband, Mohd Noor Che Musa, want to adopt a baby and they’re not very picky….well other than the husband preferring a toddler, (easier on his 108- year-old wife, he says, since he will have to work to support his family).

Mohd Noor went on to say that they will even take “your spare babies or a baby born out of wedlock.”

The blissful couple has been married now for five years. The 108-year-old woman and the 38-year-old drug addict…..do I hear any offers of babies for adoption, anyone?

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