10-year-old from Indonesia weighs 190 kg due to noodle, cola addiction

Jakarta, Indonesia: Junk food and unhealthy dietary habits have left children and teenagers vulnerable to several health issues resulting from being overweight. While a lot of children across the world struggle with obesity, the situation can deteriorate to the extent of being shocking in some cases.
A 10-year-old boy from Indonesia seems to be paying the price for an unchecked habit of drinking cola and eating noodles, as he weighs close to 190 kg at such a young age. Ayra’s parents said that even after eating five meals a day of rice, noodles and meat every day, the child was hungry, and this alerted them.
Doctors were shocked to see Ayra’s condition and put him on a strict diet, but that was in vain as he just won’t lose weight. They finally opted for a surgery to reduce the size of his stomach. Ayra went on to lose 16 kg after the surgery and has recently lost another 2 kg.
Doctors are now monitoring his weight loss and feel that in a year he will be less than 100 kg, as his appetite will decrease with reduction in hunger hormone levels.

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