1 in 2 Indian students seeks online classes: Survey

New Delhi, July 14 (IANS) With the coronavirus pandemic striking hard and spreading rapidly in India, nearly 44.6 per cent students in the country said they will prefer a ‘School from Home’ concept if given an option, a new survey revealed on Tuesday.
The survey by Brainly conducted on 2,150 individuals, showed that about 68.7 per cent of its users admitted that they had never engaged in an online class before the pandemic.
The data revealed that today, the flexible form of learning has also impacted the everyday routine of about 72.8 per cent students.
The findings also revealed that around 59.8 per cent students said that ‘network connectivity’ was teething trouble in the school-from-home model.
Brainly also asked the students about their preferences for peer communications. All of the four listed choices — phone call, social media, messaging apps, and online learning platforms like Brainly.
The company asked students about how they cleared their doubts during the lockdown.
The survey revealed that 37.7 per cent students said ‘by connecting with teachers on a phone call or social media’ while 30.2 per cent did so via online learning platforms.
Lastly, the survey also highlighted that the standalone school-from-home model might not be an ideal one.
A total of 35.8 per cent students experienced issues while learning certain concepts of Science online and 31 per cent of students felt the same for ‘Language’ while ‘Maths’ left a whopping 51.9 per cent students in a tizzy.
Hence, a balance between both digital and traditional learning will have to be created to drive the optimum results, the company said.

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