Yogi govt makes record payment to paddy, wheat farmers

Lucknow, Dec 15 (IANS) The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has made a record payment to paddy and wheat farmers of the state.
The UP government, which has set a new record for the highest ever payment to sugarcane farmers, including the dues of the previous government, has now set a new record for payment of paddy and wheat farmers. The government has paid Rs 60,922.23 crore to the wheat and paddy farmers of the state till December 14.
The state government, according to an official spokesman, has paid Rs 31,904.78 crore to paddy farmers in the last four years, setting a record of the highest payment to paddy farmers in the state.
In terms of payment to wheat farmers, in its four-year tenure so far, the state government has paid Rs 29,017.45 crore for the crop to more than 33 lakh farmers.
The state government, till December 14, had purchased a total of 179.48 lakh metric tonnes through 14,902 paddy purchasing centres across the state. The state government has paid a total of Rs 31,904.78 crore to over 25 lakhs paddy farmers, which is a record so far in the state.
According to the official data till December 14, the government, during its four-year tenure, collected a total of 162.71 lakh metric tonnes of wheat from 3,345,065 farmers.
The Yogi government took many major steps to give better prices to the farmers. Ending the tradition of middlemen with farmers at the purchasing centres, the government started the process of direct procurement from farmers.
By creating an e-procurement portal, farmers were given the facility of direct registration so that middlemen can be excluded. This portal was linked to the revenue portal so that online verification can be done.
In order to ensure that marginal and small farmers do not have difficulty in selling food, purchases up to 100 quintals were kept free from verification by the Department of Revenue, and farmers who sold more than 100 quintals were given verification facility from the Revenue Department.
The Yogi government reserved two days for selling food grains to small and marginal farmers and also gave priority to women farmers for selling food grains.
Earlier, the government had set a new record in the state by paying Rs 111,063.34 crore to sugarcane farmers.
The UP government has also paid arrears of Rs 10,659.42 crore to sugarcane farmers, accrued during the tenure of the previous Akhilesh Yadav government.

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