Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev vows to cleanse Indian political system


By Prof.P.L. Bakhshi

Via e-mail

Baba Ramdev, India’s most famous yoga guru, known for popularizing yoga, the technique of pranayama and traditional ayurvedic treatment          has now launched Bharat Swabhiman campaign to clean up the political system of the country.

The campaign has been launched with an aim to end corrupt practices, bring back more than Rs. 300 lakh crore of black money from abroad            to use it for the development  of the nation besides changing the system of governance that has been continuing since the British period. His venture into domestic politics is just the next chapter of his divine mission.

Even as fitness becomes more of a universal mantra, yoga stays in the top slot as one of the hottest fitness regimens in the world. Yoga quite literally is the union with the Divine, an ancient Hindu practice to discipline the mind and body.

Pranayama regulates the breath and is the most important step in yoga. It fills the lungs with more of oxygen to counter numerous ailments and deficiencies. A combination of yogic asanas and pranayama results in fitness, good health, strength, glowing skin and no stress. Swami Ramdev and many others have experimented with success on the concept of integrating the ayurveda with yoga, pranayama and meditation, and treated patients afflicted with hypertension, diabetes; heart, lung, neurological and psychosomatic diseases. While the Western medicines treat the symptoms, the Eastern medicines are claimed to treat the root cause of the ailment.

Having offered a cure for most health problems, Baba Ramdev now wants to cleanse the political system. Having exhibited his intention of launching a political party in 2010, he has now announced that the party will take a concrete shape in June 2011. The Yoga Guru has said that he will field candidates in the 2014 general elections as he wants reforms in the administrative system of the country and strengthen the roots of parliamentary democracy. His party would field candidates in all the 543 Lok Sabha seats in a bid to build a corruption-free India.

Analysts say that  his huge following in middle class India and his clean image has already made politicians uneasy and this is why some heavyweights have started taking dig at him. Baba has made it very clear that he himself does not want to be an office holder or a Member of Parliament. Baba Ramdev wants to cleanse politics by inclusion of honest and brave people in it. This would eradicate corruption prevalent in today’s politics and also give it a moral standing. The Yoga Guru believes that corruption is the root cause of all problems. He stresses upon the idea of nationalism. He wants the death sentence for terrorism and cow slaughter, and supports not just 33 percent, but 50 percent reservation for women.

Baba Ramdev is currently on a Bharat Swabhiman Yatra across the country to impart besides yoga, pranayama, ayurveda and spiritualism the equally needed political education to people. Thus, he has now positioned himself on a wider platform and people will look forward as to how the reverend Baba will cleanse the Indian political system. Will it be easy to give a fresh frame to the picture and concept of our politics?

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