World’s longest flammable painting by Gujarat artist

Vadodara: Fire could be used for several purposes, but one could never think of using fire for painting. Kamal Rana from Gujarat’s Vadodara had turned the imagination into truth by using fire flames in his art work which he claimed to be the longest painting of the world.

Unlike other painters, who use brush as their basic tool, Rana asserted to have used fire flames, matchsticks, flammable chemicals and powder for the painting.

He had tried to portray the world’s best cricketers playing with his painting. The painting is sixty-three feet long and seven feet wide in size.

“This is the longest painting of the world dedicated to the cricket world. I wish if the painting could be identified and displayed in the cricket ground”, said, Rana.

Visitors were really astonished to gaze the unbelievable fire art. It was really eye catchy to see Rana giving live demonstration on how he had converted fire into an art.

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