Why it reaches us late?


By Kanti Patel
Southaven,  MS:
For years now, I have been waiting for the golden day when my copy of India Tribune will arrive in time for me to read latest (may be three/four days old) news and articles. But it does not seem that this will be possible in my lifetime.

My India Tribune arrives in twos sometimes. For example, I received India Tribune  Vol.34/No.22 dated May 29, 2010, and India Tribune Vol.34/No.23 dated June 5, 2010 on June 19.  What good will it do to read “stale” news? Both issues go  unread  — they will either go into  a  trash bin or used as padding sheets while making Shrikhand or Papadi.  We are not helping environment. Are we?
My message is clear. Did I make a mistake by becoming a lifetime subscriber? 

Publisher replies:
We understand the frustration of Kanti Patel, who receives India Tribune very late. We do not blame him for his ire. The fault lies with the postal service. We like to bring to the notice of  Kanti Patel that  all copies are mailed to readers six days prior to the printed date on the issue. While we bring to the notice of postal authorities about the readers’ complaints about delayed delivery of India Tribune, we advise Kanti Patel to make a written complaint to the post office of his jurisdiction. Kanti Patel would appreciate that we honor our commitment to the lifetime subscribers, while many publications have ceased the practice because of the escalating costs.

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