What happened to us? Bad is less than good



By Sreenivasa Moorthy

Via e-mail

I enjoyed reading the front-page editorial  — What happened to us? Why so many crimes? —   by Prashant Shah published in India Tribune dated December 11.

Prashant has nicely written and admonished some of the people, who cause trouble. He is right to point out that greed is the main cause. Humans are same everywhere. That is the reason why that many of the scriptures address the problem of avarice and violence. With the present media explosion, everything becomes an open book. I do not think we, Indians, are morally superior or inferior. When I read and see the politics and administration in India, I withdraw from discussion.

In addition to the problems Prashant has pointed out, I suggest people to be aware of investing with a friend who promises to get you good returns in stock market, real estate or business unless you are actively involved. Similarly, caution must be exercised while giving donations for various purposes, receiving advice about education of your children in India, donations to Ashrams, etc.

Unless one actively investigates or be aware of the organizations one should not get involved in them. In the initial period most of the immigrants were engineers, doctors, educators or doctoral students. Now a cross section of people from India has immigrated. Naturally the temptations and greed come with the population. Indians are humans — they have virtues and follies. One should use judgment. Fortunately the bad is less than good.


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