US lobbying for strong IPR regime in India


New Delhi: The US is “lobbying” for an intellectual property rights (IPR) regime in India that protects American patents, a senior official of the Obama Administration said on October 26.

Ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit, the US Department of Commerce’s Director General and Assistant Se-cretary, Suresh Kumar, is leading a 36-member strong delegation of small and medium enterprises in the field of renewable energy to India.

US cooperation in India’s renewable energy program is one of the areas that may come up for discussion during Obama’s visit beginning on October 6. Kumar said every country should have a strong patent protection policy for encouraging innovation and research.

“That is all we are lobbying to do here, to protect  international property rights, to protect our patents,” he said on the sidelines of a CII conference on small enterprises.

India, which is signatory to the WTO’s TRIPS agreement, has always maintained that it has a strong patent protection regime in place.

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