Top healthy food for active lifestyle

By Deepa Gupta
We eat to live. But we also need to eat the right food to stay fit. While there are countless variety of food in the market, knowing what to eat for your body type is important to keep going strong the whole day, especially if you are living an active lifestyle. One must eat the right food, depending on your body metabolism and lifestyle, that would provide good energy for the busy day ahead.
“If you are a go-getter and lead an active lifestyle, you need to be physically fit to handle all your daily activities. Along with physical exercises, you also need to eat healthy and energizing foods to retain enough energy and drive to last through your busy days. Besides, you need to be fully recharged throughout the day to function well at your workplace,” wellness and beauty expert Dolly Kumar said.
If you are an active go-getter, the expert suggests must-have healthy food options that would keep your tummy full and your energy levels high.
GREEN TEA: Feeling thirsty and looking for healthy beverage? Green tea, rich in antioxidants, can do wonders to your mind and body. A healthy and refreshing concoction, green tea instantly enlivens you. Also, its fat burning properties can help in weight control and lower the risk of fatness and obesity. It also helps maintain blood sugar level and keeps stress and fatigue away.
COOKIES: Do you love to munch cookies? Be happy, This will nip your guilt bud. Healthy cookies such as sugar free or multigrain ones can boost your energy level and keep you strong. Enjoy multigrain cookies with your morning and evening tea. Your cookies should contain healthy grain like ragi, bajra, soya, whole wheat, oats and rice, Packed with fiber, multigrain cookies also has ‘zero-cholesterol’ and ‘zero trans-fat’. For those who have to adhere to certain dietary restrictions, try sugar free cookies.They could be the perfect guilt-free snack for diabetic patients and those suffering of extra weight,
NUTS & DRY FRUITS: A mix of nuts and dry fruits is an all-time good munching option. Have a mix of almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, watermelon seeds, green raisin, black raisin, dried papaya fruit and dried pineapple fruit. Loaded with protein and dietary fiber, it gives you instant energy.
SPIRULINA: This edible blue-green algae is one the richest sources of protein and a complete wellness food for the body. It contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants. It strengthens immunity and fights stress and fatigue. It is also good for eyes. So pop one or two Spirulina daily and get an energy boost that keeps you kicking good through the day.

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