The Watree Collects And Stores Water For Later Use

The climate is changing, this is not something new and we already knew that. The problem is that these changes are not so good as pollution is making it worse. I don’t know if pollution affects the Australian climate, however, there are some major changes there too as rainfalls continue to diminish and the authorities have granted water restrictions as the water storage levels are getting thinner. The solution is called Watree, a concept water storage destined for urban sporting grounds.

Experts say that we shouldn’t waste a drop of water, but there are also some areas like buffer zones around sporting grounds which are unused and when the rain falls down, important water reserves are lost. The Watree will be placed in these buffer zones and thanks to this project device will be used to collect and store rain water.

The Watree could be build around ovals, tennis and soccer stadiums. This device was envisioned by Chris Buerckner who says that this device will open up when it rains, and will turn itself into a large surface area which collects water, then funnels it into a storage area beneath it. The water collected by the Watree will be used during summer when the rainfall levels are low. It will be used for sporting surfaces in order to keep them in playable condition.

The designer says that he used a KISSS watering system, but for the moment he is waiting for the development of a community water system, as well as he is expecting to receive some Government grants from the Smart Water Fund.

I don’t know about you, but the Australian people need to watch and play sports. Also, the design looks feasible to me, unlike other concepts. Well, let’s for the project to be completed, and hopefully, Chris will receive the funding he needs to develop such device.

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