The fight has begun: Will Bajaj car beat the Nano?

Mumbai: The big fight for the small car market has just begun. Bajaj, which once ruled the two-wheeler market in India with a scooter that took men, families, milk and vegetable through the rough and tumble of village roads, now wants to catch a new emotional wind through their small car — the cheapest in the world at Rs. 1.1 lakh.

Of course, things have changed across India. The senior traditionalist Bajaj has made room for an ambitious SMS generation junior Bajaj who thinks differently and feels he is in sync with the market tunes. Economies have bloomed, villages have be-come towns and cities and people, especially the middle class, the darlings of the small car market, have started dreaming big.

And then there is the Nano.
The question being asked is will Bajaj’s chota car give the bada bhai Nano a run for its money? The verdict will take some time. Nano is just a toddler at one year and Bajaj has just been conceived and is to deliver, probably some time in 2012. Bajaj’s car, scheduled to be launched in 2012, would tentatively cost Rs. 1.1 lakh. This is going to be cheaper than that of Nano. But Nano is not going to keep quiet on this aspect. What happens if Nano comes out with a model that would be a shade cheaper than Bajaj’s car? That would trigger a price war.

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