Taliban to recruit 50,000 from Pak


London: Taliban guerillas are taking advantage of the large-scale misery caused by the devastating floods in Pakistan by attempting to enlist 50,000 new fighters in return for food and medicine.

The Taliban is eyeing the floods as an opportunity to begin their biggest recruiting drive in a decade; officials told The Sun. Thousands of guerillas are heading out to flood-ravaged areas to “help” starving victims.

Their agenda is clear. For providing food and medicine, they demand that men pledge to take up their cause. This could lead to a significant upswing in Al-Qaida operatives in Pakistan and in adjoining Afghanistan.

The people have been hit by the country’s worst floods that killed about 1,600 people and affected more than 20 million over the past one month.

The media report pointed out those activists of the Al Qaeda supported Al Rehmat Trust and JuD were behind the campaign to recruit new fighters.

The source said: “This is disastrous for Pakistan and the war against terrorism.”