Success comes to those who dream and work for it


By Adriana Belan
Chicago: I love to talk about life, about its potential, about the inner journey that I think we all ought to take. I like to talk about relationships, about scenarios, about people and the music in every soul. I am equally influenced by Western culture and Eastern philosophy. Both are good.

I admire people, I see something amazing about every person I know. Most of the time they do not realize the treasure they have inside.  I feel passionate to discover that treasure and help them to display their potential value.

I keep thinking how I would define my life now?  Why I do what I am doing now  with so much passion? It is hard to give a definition to be as close as possible to my heart. The life for me is a puzzle.

Why life is a puzzle for me?
Because it is like a chess game. It’s composed of many plans, desires, goals, values, attitudes, relationships, etc., and I  try to manage and fix them, and then go to another level. To manage is to have a vision, an overview, but also, to be attentive to details, to be able to see every piece you need to put in its right  place.

And life is a game for everybody.  Primarily when things become too serious and rigid, the problems overtake us. Life is like playing a game.  We can rediscover that the game can fool us sometimes or give us an opportunity to showcase our talents. 

I see people sitting for years on a puzzle game and fail to make any changes. First they take the game too seriously, then stubbornly put the pieces where they do not fit in. And they are often angry  and wonder why the pieces  do not fit in and  they get stuck there. In their mind remains a single image, a single puzzle and a lone wish (personal or professional) unfulfilled that bedevils them.

And because that does not puzzle out, they  do not go to another level or if they do, they do exactly the same again, choosing the song  that does not match the dance. Then they  simply give up the task. They stop dreaming, they give up hope, they give up plans,  they give up  relationships, and they are  lost in finding them.

Once I discover how to solve puzzles,  I feel the need to help others. It is a passion of mine.  I love those moments when somebody tries to convince me of where a given piece must be placed in the puzzle,  and  that person helps me to get to that place.

When I see the glitter in that somebody’s eyes, I enjoy that discovery and feel happy.

Actually, I feel my profession is to help others, fulfill their dreams and realize their potential.  That is the inner beauty that one can see in oneself and enjoy it.

We all have to remember that we all have a desire to solve puzzles of our lives and also others.   We must try  to take responsibility for the choices we make. If we make sincere efforts, our dreams will come true and our wishes will be realized. That is why we have to dream. That is no secret.

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