Strict enforcement laws needed to fight deep-rooted corruption


Lokinder Singh Ravi

Corruption is like cancer. Corruption is so deep-rooted in our system that, it is corroding the social and political fabric of society and resulting into an increase of injustice. Though, there isĀ  no dearthĀ Ā  of laws enacted to fight and up-root thisĀ  menace butĀ  the results are far from the desirable achievement in this context. All of us know, and the Government is also fully aware that corruption- an ailment has spread like cancer in all walks of life. Corruption is undoubtedly one of the major challenges before the country. It acts as a consistent hindrance on way of all developmental programs being formulated for the public. Corruption tends to distort the decision-making processes and weakens legitimacy of the State and its capacity toĀ  handle sensitive issues including enforcement of law and order for the citizens. The Government introduced Lokpal Bills during 1967-71 Lok Sabha with sole objective to curb public corruption but unfortunately this Bill couldĀ  not be passed.
It is high time to takeĀ  tough steps to curb the ever-growing corruption with strict enforcement of the laws. There needs to be an awakening and awareness among the public to fight against this menace and uproot it from our public life.

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