Spice up your life with a virtual wife


Mumbai: Is a virtual wife better than a real one? Well, the Web site www.biwihotoaisi.com, where one can select a virtual wife, is a huge hit. Since its launch in December 2010, www.biwihotohaisi.com has been quite a rage among men — both bachelors and married.

Says Sidharth Rao, CEO and co-founder of Webchutney, the brain behind this concept, “We conceptualized Biwi Ho Toh Aisi, which is a simple, yet extremely engaging concept where users can come and choose their virtual wife from a list of characters that closely resemble dynamic real-life personalities.”

J. Mahadevan, a marketing professional, who lives in Chennai, says, “I really love the concept. It might help one to get the feel of what married life is all about.” Though, he is not a bachelor, Mahadevan loves to log in for fun. “But my wife doesn’t know anything about it,” he laughs.

“I live alone in Delhi. My family stays in Nagpur so I get bored after coming back from work. Shalini Sheherwali gives me company. She is an ambitious 26-year-old banker, who even wakes me up for breakfast. She is an independent tech savvy type, I think, we connect a lot,” says Rishi Srivastava, an IT professional. Apart from Shalini, users have three more options to choose from, Milli Chulbulli (21), a secretary in a multinational firm, Ritu Gharwali (23), the ideal Indian housewife and 25-year-old Bijli Thakur, a dominating control-freak.

If there is a Web site for boys then why would girls be far behind? “The design concept for a similar Web site for girls could be along the same lines or be drastically different depending on the client’s mandate,” says Nishi Kant, Creative Director, Webchutney. A few tentative names like the authoritative Baldev Singh Thakur, the happy-go-lucky Jonathan Jacques and the successful Vishal Kapoor could be the virtual grooms!

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