Should we jaw-jaw, despite Pak’s yak-yak?


By S.N. Raja
It is not just fanciful. It is simply delusional, the mindset with which Pakistan has come to India to talk peace.
Here is a country from where terrorists launched the most audacious attack on India, with its government benignly looking the other way.
New Delhi swallowed that, and held out the hand of friendship but Pakistan still prefers to bite it off.
So their “peace” envoy travels to Delhi, tells us what duplicitous people we are, what we have to do and how Pakistan is the victim of Indian haughtiness. We should feel really contrite.
Here’s what Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Salman Bashir, our honored guest, offered us. And a translation from diplomatese to English:
“Core issue remains Kashmir; it is an international issue… One cannot be really dismissive about the issue of Kashmir; any effort to be dismissive on the issue will not be helpful.”
Translation: We don’t care what you want; we will not let move things forward.
“We are prepared to move forward to improve our relations with India and turn a new chapter.”
Translation: See, this is the pincer. On the one hand we will stop everything for Kashmir, we will move forward on the other.
“It is unfair, unrealistic and counter-productive to make issue of terrorism in a generic way and stall the process of overall relations between both the countries.”
Translation: Attacks will continue but let us dine and hug and do the cha-cha-cha. You were the guys who stopped talking, remember?
“There is a huge gap between expectations and mistrust that exists between both the countries today. I have come here to bridge those differences.”
Translation: See, we are so gracious and friendly and amiable and straight-forward and honest and indulgent. And look at you suffering from constipation of the mind, always wanting terrorism to stop.
“Pakistan’s concerns must be brought to the table; we have concerns on nuclear missiles.”
Translation: We haven’t got enough of them from China. Let’s keep talking till then.
“We will continue to ensure that our territory is not used by anyone against us or any other country.”
Translation: “Continue to ensure”. Means the 26/11 killers didn’t come from Pak. get that, you knuckleheads? How can you lie, India?
“Indian dossier on Hafiz Saeed is more of literature than evidence.”
Translation: Why are you wasting your time? He is a nice man when you get to know him, and anyway he only does charitable activities.
“Pakistan does not believe in cosmetic engagement, Pakistan does not believe that India should lecture us and demand that Pakistan should do this or that.”
Translation: How dare you? We sock it to you in the eye and you dare tell us what not to do? Who are you to lecture us? Don’t you know what good neighborly relations mean? Duffers.
“To create optics of dialogue without substance means we are not taking the relationship seriously or dealing with issues seriously.”
Translation: You fraud, you are putting up a show while we are genuinely interested in peace. You must be ashamed of yourself. You aren’t serious about dialogue. Even inviting me over is an eyewash.
“Pakistan will continue to support politically, diplomatically and morally the struggle of Kashmiri people.”
Translation: Ho hum, the guns will flow in, so will the money, and those nice guys at the ISI will help them celebrate with more blasts.
This being the way Islamabad deals with our very legitimate concerns, even after the bloody attack of 26/11, do we really need to talk peace with Pakistan? Or should we at least shun Bashirspeak and tell the neighbor in plain words to mend its ways or face the music?

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