Send Your Message Through Your Own DIY Neon Sign Kit

Aside from bars and restaurants, I don’t usually find neon signs nowadays. I guess the age of neon has passed us by. Finally, after a long wait. But you sure cannot deny the fact that neon signs have their charms too.

Now you can create your own neon sign with these 2” x 3” neon letters. All you have to do is arrange the letters according to the message you want to convey then voila, you’ve got your own neon sign. You can buy individual letters to create your own message via these neon signs. Plug it in a power supply and you’re good to go. Since it is low heat and has low electricity consumption, it will be very safe for you to use. The letters will be ready to power up as soon as you plug it in the electric socket.

Here are some more specs of this cool DIY Neon Sign Kit:

* Sealed blue neon letter blocks
* Low heat generation
* Choose from letters, numbers, and special characters
* Push button control for blinking or steady-on
* Up to 22 neon letters can be connected to a single Power Supply unit
* Power Input: 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz, 0.6A)
* Power Output: 12 VDC (2.0A)
* Dimension: each letter is 2″ X 3″
* Note: the neon letters are designed for horizontal connection only (when using a single power supply) unless you order the Extension Connector

So make your place more interesting by purchasing this DIY Neon Sign Kit for $2.99 to $3.99. Go crazy with creating messages and phrases, and publish it on your walls, or wherever you may want to hang these things.

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