Save life of 18-year-old Samir Pendse


By Asghar Vasanwala

Via e-mail

Samir Pendse, 18,  is battling with relapsed leukemia. The search for the right bone marrow for Samir has been going on for  past three years; un-fortunately, only a small number of people of Indian origin are registered with National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).  A good match for Samir’s bone marrow has not been found yet. Please register your name with and see if you will be a match. Samir is from Maharashtra and a Kokanasth Brahmin.

We are once again creating awareness in the South  Asian and Indian community to become a registered donor for bone marrow.

The need is urgent and it has to be done now as it is the only chance of cure for Samir Pendse, who is battling with relapsed leukemia.

The shortage of registered Indian donors for bone marrow is a critical issue.

By increasing the number of registered donors there is a better chance of finding the right match to treat leukemia and save a life. Because tissue types are inherited, a patient’s most likely match is someone from the same racial or ethnic group. Therefore, it is important for all Indians to register and widen the pool.  This is a noble cause and will benefit Samir and many such leukemia patients.

This online drive has been created for Samir so we can reach a wider audience.

Please take a moment now to register by filling out the online application. After you register, you will receive a swab kit from NMDP. Follow the easy two minute procedure to complete the swabbing test and mail it back to NMDP. You have the power to save a life.

Please find  more info on Web site: or

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