Ratan Tata’s double standards on corruption


By Dave Makkar

Via e-mail

Ratan Tata must understand that majority of Nira Radia tapes relate to money transactions, deal makings and influencing elected and appointed government officials, which could be termed as a conspiracy to commit an offense and should be probed and be allowed to make public.

On one hand Ratan Tata speaks of high moral and ethical standards and on the other hand he wants to deny the right of the Indian public for transparency in Radia matters just because she is handling PR work for the Tata Group of Companies. Can Tata answer a simple question when he has the best of the MBAs, engineers and media professionals on his pay roll in his group of companies, why he hired Nira Radia to do             PR work for his companies? May be to handle bribe money and cut deals with government departments on behalf of the Tata Group of Companies!

As India is run by “unionized gangsters” posing as politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary, big businesses, religious leaders and media, it is important for the general public to know more about how a woman with practically no professional degrees can make deals in billions as well as how she can manipulate Central and state ministers, top bureaucrats and prominent journalist belonging to or having loyalties to various political parties; on behalf of top industrial houses of India?

Tata’s democracy demands transparency and accountability. If Tata  has nothing to hide, he must disclose the terms of his and his group             of companies’ contracts with Nira Radia and her companies.

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