Rakesh Tikait: You can’t expect Rahul Gandhi to resolve farmers’ issues

By Mohammad Suaib Khan
New Delhi, Dec 25 (IANS)
Even as demonstrations against farm laws continued on the borders of the national capital, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed farmers of several states and said that canards are being spread over the agricultural laws. Speaking about the PM’s address, Bharatiya Kisan Union national spokesperson Rakesh Tikait told IANS, “Of course the Prime Minister and the government of India will have to find a solution to this issue. You can’t expect the opposition or Rahul Gandhi to do it. It has been a month and the farmers won’t return home. First, sit down and resolve the issue by withdrawing farm laws.”
Tikait further said, “We are ready to discuss the agricultural laws, but they haven’t said they will repeal the agricultural laws. We are also ready for talks, but they are putting up a condition that they won’t repeal the contentious laws.”
“Nobody is misleading farmers. The only motive of farmers gathered here is to have a legislation on MSP and repeal of these agricultural laws.”
“The Prime Minister mentioned farmers in his address. The government must have discussions with farmers sitting on the borders of Delhi.”
In fact, under the PM-Kisan scheme Prime Minister Modi transferred an amount of 18,000 crore rupees into the accounts of nine crore farmers on the occasion of the birth anniversary of former prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The PM also attacked the opposition by accusing them of running a political agenda.

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