Questions and answers with a Holy Paramahamsa


Joilet, IL: Paramahamsa Praj-nanananda is the spiritual leader of Kriya Yoga International Organizations worldwide. Enriched by his own direct experiences, fathomless wisdom, and deep love for humanity, Paramahamsa Prajnanananda is a living example of how to fulfill one’s infinite potential.  Here, he answers pressing questions and tells us about the new Kriya Vedanta Gurukulam — Temple of Harmony in Joliet, IL.

Question: What should life be lived for?
A.: Life should be lived for the experience of love, peace, and harmony within and for the manifestation of love, peace, and harmony with others.

Question: I’m a householder. How is it possible for me to obtain God-realization with all the other obligations that I have in life?
A.: God-realization is not a monopoly for renunciates. It is for all. As a householder, you also have a good chance to live a God-conscious life with love and prayer. God is omnipresent: remember the presence of God within yourself. Also, never forget that the presence of God is in all your family members, so serve and love them, and remember also that they are all God’s gift. Our changed outlook can help us to understand our lives better and can accelerate spiritual evolution. Do all your activities, and fulfill all your obligations with love and prayer.

Question: Can you tell me about the new Kriya Vedanta Gurukulam — Temple of Harmony?
A.: The Kriya Vedanta Gurukulam — Temple of Harmony’s purpose will be to bring the ancient wisdom of India to people of all backgrounds and faiths. We call it the Temple of Harmony because, in this day and age, the world needs harmonious development, both internally and externally — internally in every individual, and externally among all individuals.  Such teachings at the temple will help us better understand each other, with love, knowing that we belong to one family, united. 

The Kriya Vedanta Guru-kulam — Temple of Harmony will celebrate its grand inauguration on July 24-25. Events on the 24th will include the 3:00 p.m. Darshan of holy people from four orders, including: Paramahamsa Prajnana-nanda, Kriya Yoga Inter-national, Swami Purnatma-nanda: Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Swami Atmavidya-nanda, Kriya Yoga Vedanta Gurukulam, Swami Varada-nanda, Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago, Dinkar Uncle, Swaminarayan Bhag-wan, and more. 

Events will be located at the Kriya Vedanta Gurukulam – Temple of Harmony at 3400 Earl Drive, Joliet, IL 60431. For more information, visit, phone: (815) 927-1604, or email

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