Petty politics


By V.M. Swaraj
Via E-mail

While replying to L.K. Advani’s charges in Parlia-ment that the UPA government had entered into some secret agreement with Pakistan on Kashmir under pressure from the US, (published in India Tribune dated March 13) the Prime Minister is reported to have lost his cool and remarked that the NDA government did not inform the Parliament about the details of meetings between Jaswant Singh and Strobe Talbot. When they are cornered, the leaders of the Congress Party are in the habit of harping on what the NDA did or did not do when they were in power. This approach is irresponsible because for the omissions and commissions of the NDA, the BJP has been punished by the people in the subsequent election. The PM should avoid polemics to score brownie points over the opposition.

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