People worship cow born with human like head in UP

Muzaffarnagar: Rare conditions at the time of birth among humans and other creatures can give them peculiar physical features often termed as deformities. While the medical reasons behind this can be explained in this day and age, such cases are still seen through the prism of superstition.
Following a child being labeled as an alien and an incarnation of Lord Hanuman in Bihar, a video of a cow born with a human like head has emerged from a shelter in UP’s Muzaffarnagar. While cows are considered holy in India and are at the centre of a political storm, locals are worshiping the cow with nose and eyes that resemble those of humans.
The calf died within an hour of its birth, but that hasn’t stopped people from venerating it and seeking blessings from what they believe to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. People can be seen bowing before the calf which is adorned with garlands and kept in glass box.
The locals believe it to be ‘Gokaran’, an avatar of Vishnu mentioned in religious texts and are flocking for blessings of god who took birth from a local cow. There are already plans of a temple being built for the calf once it is cremated three days later.
Meanwhile animal health experts rubbished superstitious beliefs calling this a case of anatomical anomaly where a fault in development of genes causes structural deformities.

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