Pak must be made to return occupied Kasmir to India


By Udayshanker Kasinadhuni
Via e-mail

This is with reference to the article —  The Hindu genocide that Hindus and the world forgot —  by Vivek Gumaste published in the India Tribune issue dated April 10. The selective genocide or massacre of Hindus in East Bengal by Pakistan Army may have occurred but for those of us, who lived in those years the triumph and joy of liberation of Bangladesh, overshadowed the treachery perpetrated by the Pakistan government on its own people.
Prosecution of that genocide was never talked about in those days. After the surrender of Pak General Niazi and his Army to Indian General Aurora, they were honorably hosted by India till their unconditional release back to their homeland. None of the parties involved ever talked about prosecuting the Pak Army Generals and their top brass. In fact, none faced any tribunals — military or civilian.

After nearly 40 years of silence by the Indian government on the subject of genocide of Hindus during Bangladesh liberation the lay public suffers from collective amnesia as well as total indifference and apathy or even aversion for possible retribution. This may be because historically a miniscule few were brought to justice for the millions of Jews killed by the Nazis and the punishment meted out to those one or two was minimal compared with their crimes.

Prosecution of genocide cases in general all over the world has proved out to be merely an exercise in futility for the injured and the dead never get compensated. Justice meted out from such prosecutions is good for passing interest and academic purposes only. Even in Cambodia, the top echelon of Khmer Rouge escaped unscathed for killing all the millions of intellectuals and may be just one lowly commander was ever brought to justice. Justice delayed is only justice denied. The only way left for us is to honor these victims of genocide is erecting memorials like we do for our war heroes. The problem of Kashmir, its pundits and their plight must be dealt without any party politics and to label it as a case of genocide is to circumvent the reality. Kashmir is an integral part of India and we must insist on the return of PoK and Aksaichin, as weakness and vulnerability are the worst form of defense.
We must be powerful enough to show restraint. We cannot let Pakistan or China encroach into our territory ever again. Prevention of present and future genocide is the only educated response for this blot on humanity.

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