My Acts Were Not Drama But For Real, Says Dolly Bindra

November 20, 2010 : In a surprise eviction which took place on the 46th day of Bigg Boss 4, Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni were shown the door.

It was surprising because it was the same Dolly Bindra who was responsible for generating the maximum number of TRPs for the reality television program. Though reports claim that she will be back to disturb the house mates as a wild card entry, for now Dolly Bindra is back to where she belongs. Ask her on her inspiration behind generating so much drama on screen and pat comes the reply that her acts were not drama but for real! (which should come across as even more dangerous news for the inmates if she happens to stage a comeback in the Bigg Boss house).

Elaborating on her statement, the small time actress of Hindi soaps clearly states that what she did during her stay inside the Bigg Boss house this season was not for money. In fact, she clearly states that Dolly Bindra cannot be bought for money! We wonder what she was doing in a reality television show like ‘Bigg Boss 4’ if money was not an issue, trying to get back at Shweta Tiwari, against whom she already bears a grudge? No, says Dolly Bindra, she is not interested in Shweta too, because she is not a lesbian! Trust Dolly Bindra to make statements which will surely garner headlines.

After her eviction, Dolly Bindra made clear the fact that she was herself while the others on the show were acting and trying to provoke her into doing bad!

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