Misleading leaders are behind ills of world politics


By Dr. Atul C. Sarma

Louisville, KY: In global political business today, there are several illustrations that political leaders are not solving them; rather they are the very problems.  There are well-intended leaders around, but they are being marginalized by evil ones, who are somehow coming into limelight by manipulating commoners’ ignorance, apathy and unconcern attitude to collective life. We continue to watch the rise of such evil forces, because the modern politics is now leaning on fabrication of misinformation and disinformation for benefiting individual greed for power. Everyone speaks about people, but only a few are at the service of the people. During last year, we witnessed such politics in the US. If people would be truly knowledgeable, the root cause and reality of nation’s economic collapse, unemployment and how to deal with problems, there would not be the election results that we have seen recently. The fact has been for the conservative base of the country, a minority born President has not been acceptable, especially in an ignorant society living in the country where social, geographical, historical and demographic knowledge is less than limited.

In context with the frequently discussed the issues of India and Pakistan, we are having the same situation. The genuine citizens of the two countries have very little to think about people other than melodrama created by insurgency and terrorism. Living abroad, we the people from Pakistan and India are belonging to a common platform in the western world sharing our values, friendship and relationship much more closer than any other immigrant communities of the US. But when it comes to politics, some of us rest unjustly on misinterpretation of faith-based division following the manipulating statements of some of our divisive leaders. As per the wishes of some of the Islamic population in 1947, Indian subcontinent was trifurcated. It’s OK so long people are having due enlightenment of freedom; but some irrational activities and decisions made in the past and present affect tolerance, peace and cohesiveness of the people of South Asia.

The recent confession of Pakistan’s past President, General Musharaf, on the issue of Pak-supported Jehadi groups, trained and let into Kashmir for solving the so-called problem has been a futile approach of solving the problem; and at the same time just because leaders support rebel and insurgent groups, they continue to hurt the progress, prosperity and growth of India and Pakistan. Musharaf’s admittance finally proved the fact that indeed Pakistan political and military machines have at the center of the all nonsense that keeps South Asia beleaguered in the developing world. As one people of South Asia, we must have one common platform for progress and development.

The Iraq invasion was not the intent of the people and the rational politics of the US. It was the wish of President George W. Bush and his doctrine of personal vendetta that had rationalized nationwide to make it an America war; but if it would be President Obama’s, the consequences could be another issue for conservatives.

A simile of fact exists parallel to Iraq war in India-Pakistan Khargill massacres concocted by Musharaf a few years ago that was candidly expressed by past Pakistani Prime Minister. Musharaf was born in India, and following some of their cohorts, his family migrated to newly ordained Islamic Pakistan.  During the Bangladesh liberation war, possibly he was a Pakistani military officer. The atrocities of the Pakistani soldiers and   colonial administration were challenged by Bangladeshis with the help of Indian assistance. The humiliating defeat of Pak Army was not tolerable to them. Musharaf did not     forget that defeat. After being in command of Pakistani military might, General Musharaf designed two fronts of subversive attack on India — one  formed, trained and implement Jehadi groups in   the pretext of serving the people of Kashmir along with providing support, ammunitions and training to insurgent groups of South Asia, who would try to de-stabilized India’s ongoing progress, and the second to concoct proxy-wars along with Kashmiri dissident groups of Pak-occupied Kashmir as represented by various conflicts, such as Khagill where Indian and Pakistani soldiers were slaughtered for no reason than Mushraf’s vendetta. After changing his role from General to President of Pakistan, he commanded: “Leave Kashmir problem for me to solve.”

Kashmir is not an issue that cannot be solved. Pakistan leadership, aligned with Musharaf’s doctrine wants to have another nest for fundamentalists in the name of religion; but how about more than 150 million Muslims living in India with equal parity with any one of more than one billion people of India belonging to all faiths and religions! If more than 150 million Muslims are proud citizens of India, why the people of Kashmir look for a separate country? Is it the people of Kashmir or vested interest of leaders? The intent would surely be Pak’s conspiracy to set up a breeding ground to continue terrorist activities that would cause obstructions for the emergence of India as it should be for the greater interest of the humanity living in South Asia.

The international politics understands the reality behind the Kashmir issue. The nexus of a group of leaders with terrorism for keeping up with profitable business venture at the cost of ordinary people is the key issue around Kashmir.

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