Minox Digital Spy Cam DSC Silver: The Camera Of Tomorrow


Spy cameras are not just for detectives anymore. They are also for people who have a weird taste in snapping photos of other discreetly (or for a more apt term, those they call stolen shots). The Minox Digital Spy Cam DSC Silver is a next generation digital camera that surprisingly turned into a digital device.

This camera has a silver metal finish, 1.5-inch display screen to preview shots and 16GB worth of memory card. It is capable of shooting with its 5.1MP sensor, as well as this will also come with external flash module when the need arises for it. This spy camera allows you also to take photos with intricate detail to as near as 19.5 inches. Lastly, it is small enough to fit inside your pockets and bags.

Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce the release date and price for this Minox Digital Spy Cam DSC Silver, so stay tuned for more details.

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