Manmohan, Karzai discuss security of Indians


New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Febru-ary 3 met Afghan President Hamid Karzai and sought reassurance about the security of nearly 4,000 Indians working in that country as well as progress in the proposed Taliban integration process.

Manmohan Singh met Karzai at his residence here and discussed a wide range of bilateral issues, including India’s developmental assistance and the security of Indians in that country.

Karzai, who touched down here on February 2 night for a two-day visit, assured Manmohan Singh that his government was doing everything possible to ensure security of around 4,000 Indians engaged in a range of projects in the violence-torn country.

The prime Minister is understood to have voiced India’s apprehensions over the ongoing dialogue over reintegrating the so-called moderate Taliban, especially Pakistan’s perceived attempt to meddle in the process to further its own strategic designs.

The two leaders also discussed the prospective security situation in view of the proposed phased withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan that is expected to begin July, said informed sources.

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